I am offering now, Living Laboratory Assistant sessions!

I will listen to what is going on in your laboratory life, what you intend to create, and assist you in dismantling how to process into that.


30 minutes free for now

60 minutes

Living Laboratory Exploratory Session

In this session, we will go on a journey to explore what is presenting itself currently in your living laboratory.


SOUND HEALING & Pattern Exploration of your Tree of Life

My passion is singing, and I move energy primarily with sound, and through communication.

Right now, I am offering sessions by donation to practice and receive feedback.

Basically, I will offer you a session, and after the session, you can determine how much the session was worth to you.

Rooting up: FAMILY TREE

“Der Apfel faellt nicht weit vom Stamm”
In German, there is a saying that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Meaning the family tree.

In this type of session, we can explore ancestral patterns, soul contracts, soul ties, family curses.

Uprooting the Family Tree


By no means am I qualified to make any medical claims or diagnosis. If that is what you are seeking, please visit the traditional paradigm western medicine solutions. I am hereby clarifying that while I am a coach, responsibility over progress resides with the client.