A Place of Heart Publishing is intended to publish content relevant to matters of the heart; materials to navigate life, for children as well as adult that cultivate and nourish the connection to our authentic Self, as well, explore aspects of diving into our individual and collective shadows. The intention of the content published is to support the individual on a path towards a God Sovereign & Free State of Being. To build a solid regenerative house.

Emotional& Mental Mastery

*The Overwhelmet Helmet
*A Heartship

Lilou & Spiff

My name is Julia Esther and I am passionate about returning to the organic architecture of life. My intention is to hold space & spark up your own skill set on your path in embodying the organic architecture of life: love, power & wisdom from a place of heart as a God Sovereign Being. I personally believe that death culture is currently promoted by the Negative Alien Races on this planet to imprison souls and harvest their energies and am here to support individuals wishing to return to becoming an Organic Sovereign Living System.

Having personal experience with the topic, I am also interested in RH negative blood (please see resources on that).

Experience & Interests

Bachelor Degree in Arts (Geography)
Master of Arts (Resource Management & Environmental Studies) with a Focus on the effect of buildings on human well-being, health, and productivity.
Energy healing/Shadow Work
Etheric Surgery
Art & Creativity for
Rh negative Blood/Blood Covenants
Prana Living

Housing & Living Systems
The effect of our built environment on our consciousness and deliberate enslave humans through uninspiring and disempowering architecture and housing in cities.

The intention and processes of building housing infrastructure as ones furthering an agenda of separation.

The structure of cities and the harvesting of these energies to fuel misaligned inauthentic elitist power structures.

Food Systems & Nutrition
The deliberate creation of a food/water system that degenerates rather than nourishes our DNA to promote misery/suffering and dis-ease in a lower vibrational society. To numb and disconnect us from being connected to our true (authentic), our sensitivities are numbed by highly toxic and ridiculously low vibrational (genetically modified) food growing systems.

Educational Systems
To disconnect us from the authentic feminine & masculine energies, educational systems serve to create puppets and work drones to serve the overlords. Sovereign thinking, talents and wisdom is disregarded mostly due to a generic curriculum that is intended to brainwash and program rather than explore and nourish individual creative talents. The intentional splitting of left and right hemispheres and the enforcement of human time slotting to affect our learning & growth processes.